On Mapping and Open Data for Road Safety

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In this episode, we explore the issue of traffic accidents and data mapping with Kenyan-based researcher Elizabeth Resor.

Tobi Asehinde provides an update on the importance of conducting keyword research, especially for digital businesses.

Balungile is also joined by Ajay Rajani, a welcome contributor to The iAfrikan Weekly's Emerging Market News feature, brought to you by Emerging.News.

Zuko Collective conclude the show with their song titled Ivili.


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2. Ma3Route: A mobile, web and SMS platform in Kenya that helps citizens to share and access info about transport and current traffic conditions for their city.

3. Pedestrian & Footbridges Nairobi Accident Map: 42.5% of accidents involving a pedestrian happened within 500 meters (a distance that takes about 15 minutes to walk) of a footbridge.

4. Public service vehicle Nairobi Accidents Map: PSV (public service vehicles) accidents affect the most people and are reported the more than accidents involving other road users. This map shows all the accidents in Nairobi County that involved a PSV (N = 253).

5. Article by Tobi Asehinde: Why Is Keyword Research Important For Digital Businesses?

6. Song: Ivili by Zuko Collective


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