9: Adebayo Adegbembo on Games and Culture in Afrika

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In this week's episode, founder and lead programmer at Genii Games, Adebayo Adegbembo, chats to Balungile about the importance of using imaginative games and activities, to help young African minds connect with culture.

CEO of Bankymoon, Lorien Gamaroff, gives us the latest on the surge in Bitcoin and the explains the potential impact thereof on the continent's growth.

The show closes with the song "Letter to my Brother" by Zuko Collective.


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2. Genii Games: Genii Games Limited is the parent entity behind the Asa (meaning culture in Yoruba) brand; a growing collection of interactive mobile apps and web videos for kids to learn about African Cultures in fun ways. Our Asa apps and videos feature Games, Animation, Voice, Text, Sound and Colourful graphics to deliver subjects ranging from languages, folktales, ethics and etiquette. Our Asa apps are available across multiple mobile platforms such as iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

3. Bankymoon: Leveraging Blockchain based infrastructure to create and streamline existing processes.

4. Song: Letter to my brother by Zuko Collective


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