10: Tomi Davies on Angel Investing in Afrika

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This week's guest is Tomi Davies, a veteran businessman and venture capitalist with a passion for tech and Africa. Tomi's investment portfolio includes Strika, Sproxil and SlimTrader. Tomi discussed his career, his motivations and his new philosophy for building a successful business called POEM (Proposition, Organisation, Economics, Milestones

Sean Obedih also joins the podcast to discuss the state of angel investing in Africa and London-based private investors club NewGenAngels.

As always, Balungile is joined by Ajay Rajani, a welcome contributor to the iAfrikan Weekly's Emerging Market News feature, brought to you by Emerging.News.


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2. ABAN Angels: African Business Angel Network (ABAN) is a pan African non-profit association founded to support the development of early stage investor networks across the continent and to get many more (early stage) investors excited about the opportunities in Africa.

3. Lagos Angel Network: a “not for profit” entity set up for the purpose of organizing seed funders (“Business Angels”) to invest in start-up businesses. LAN is an association of committed members that provide early stage, seed funding and mentoring for start-up entrepreneurs. Business Angels expect to earn a healthy return on their investments while supporting the development of the Nigerian economy by strengthening start-ups and helping new small business owners grow.

4. NewGenAngels: members-only investment Club for high liquid professionals and sophisticated angels, Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, venture capital firms, family offices and angel networks with an interest in Africa. Our model relies heavily upon syndication of skills and funding from members of the African Diaspora and friends of Africa. We also syndicate deals alongside the strongest investors in the local market.

5. Song: Greatest Song Ever Written by Yusuf Makongela


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